Breakaway Books publishes literary and thoughtful writing on sports — fiction, poetry, and essays on the athletic experience. We are interested in the emotional and metaphysical side of sports, the inner life of the athlete. We also celebrate the many ways sport can serve as muse for excellent writing — both serious and playful.

We also have a separate list of boatbuilding and boating books, with a soft spot for small craft, mostly paddle and sail.

If you wish to submit writing to us for possible publication, please send a query letter first.

Our e-mail address is breakawaybooks (type in the "at" symbol here)
(Sorry to be so circumspect about it, but our old addresses got overrun by the spambots.)

Breakaway Books
P.O. Box 24
Halcottsville, NY 12438

Note: we receive dozens of queries a day, and more excellent manuscripts than we could ever publish. If it takes us a long time to respond, please accept our apologies. Simultaneous submissions to other publishers are encouraged.